We Are Tin Roof.

Tin Roof is a new generation mom & pop restaurant, owned and operated by myself Sheldon Simeon and my wife Janice.

Raised in Hilo, Hawaii rain is a part of everyday life. Farmers market keeps buzzing, errands roll along and garage kani ka pila never ends.

The sound of rain on a Tin Roof is what reminds me of home. You know when the rain is coming; it's soothing, calming, & comforting. In this tin roof garage under that Hilo rain is where we built our definition of home. Home by what was played, by the people that surrounded us and most importantly by what was cooked!

Food is one of our definitions of home and what we love. We work closely with our local farmers, fishermen, ranchers, & artisans to provide honest, ono food to our community.  This is our humble beginning, our Tin Roof.